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Nimo Quasar
Limited Edition

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Nimo Planet

Quasar Series
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Worldwide Shipment by Q2 2021
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Limited Edition
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$419 + Prescription
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Nimo Planet

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Worldwide Shipment by Q3 2021
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Same technical spec as Quasar
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For Enterprise


Nimo Planet
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  • First to know about public launch by Q4 2021
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All the reservations are under a refundable deposit until one month before the shipment. Nimo has pledged not to take the reservation funds from the account until the product is shipped.

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Stephane Kasriel

Co-Chair - Global Future Council on the New Social Contract, World Economic Forum
Ex-CEO, Upwork - USA

I got a chance to play with the Nimo Prototype and it's very clear to me that the team has already done a great job to-date for casual productivity usage and that the Nimo Planet 1 will be ready with 100s of productivity apps support and better user experience. 
As a leader and visionary in the world of the Future of Work, I've been saying for a long time that AR/VR is going to be a key technology that will empower workers to be more productive and more mobile, freeing them from the legacy systems we all use today - a physical screen, a keyboard, and a mouse. There have been many attempts at this over the last decade but the technology was just not good enough. Nimo comes at the right time - when work is changing faster than ever before. 

Ritesh Malik

Founder & CEO, Innov8 Coworking - India

Super proud of Rohildev and the team. I believe Nimo Planet will be the hardware mega story from India. I truly believe their vision to create desk-less computing era is inspiring. Which helps people to work from anywhere even without a desk. They worked really hard in the past years in stealth mode and made immense progress with Nimo Prototype. They made the smallest standalone smart glass prototype a few months back, now I can see the final version is coming out with insanely great form + function. Designed for all of us to work comfortably and effectively.

Aneet Chopra

VP Corporate Business Development XMOS
Ex-AR/VR Business Head, Intel USA

Nimo Planet delivers your workspace on the go, anytime, anywhere. More and more  of us are mobile workers, but it is even more self evident for everyone in current times as our physical workspace has been uprooted. This will change our behaviours forever and needs a compelling solution to enable affordable productivity. I personally tried Nimo's current prototype that paints a very clear vision of  an ultra lightweight and comfortable wearable form factor that I can see myself using everyday.  Nimo platform clearly is a leap forward that leverages mixed reality in a unique but simple way, with singular focus on establishing  user productivity at their own comfort. I look forward to experience their platform with various productivity applications towards  a clutter free workspace disruption.

Tom Emrich

VP Product, 8th Wall - USA

Got to check out an early prototype of glasses this week. This binocular waveguide eyewear sports a slick design and aims to provide users with muli-screens (3 x 70") to optimize work on the go

Biju Jacob

Co-Founder, apso.io - USA

I have known Rohil and the Nimo team for the past few years as fellows in hardware startup space. Rohil is a visionary entrepreneur par excellence and Nimo is proof of this. I tried the latest prototype of Nimo and can say a new era in computing interfaces is unveiling. Great design for daily wear with near-unlimited screen space for work and immense scope to add entertainment and other verticals.  Go Nimo!

Banti Das

Senior Manager, Accenture - USA

When I was introduced to Nimo, the concept of a lightweight, wireless, multi screen portable device really interested me. After experiencing the prototype I feel this product has a great potential to lead the smart glass segment. I have been working remote for the past 5 years and I see how Nimo could provide the flexibility to work from home, desk free and also while traveling without having the need to be hooked to the big screen monitors or carry the laptop around. Also I think the glasses look cool. Wish the best for Nimo!

Max Anisimov

Founder and CEO, A Happy Job - USA

What Nimo is working on is exciting! As this technology improves and productivity applications become feasible, there will be many business use cases that the solution can be applied to.


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