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Nimo Planet

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Your new computer
designed to work from anywhere

Welcome to Nimo Planet

An entirely new OS built for
everyday productivity on smart glasses

Nimo Home

Start your journey with the most fluid and intuitive user experience

Apps are organised

Designed for

Super Charging Productivity

One App in Multiple Windows

Swipe left / right to split apps into multi-windows

Designed for

Private Multi Screen Productivity

Run Multiple Apps on Multiple Screens

Access multiple apps faster than any other mobile devices

Designed for

Even More Space

Six Multi-Screens on Your Real-World

Even more space on the top. Sit, relax and get apps floating right in front of you in the real-world

Designed to work with

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

Pair with Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Enhanced productivity with interactions you already know

Works with

Laptop, iPhone & Android Devices

Plug in Nimo with Laptop, iPhone & Android

Extend or mirror existing device screens to Nimo using a USB-C cable

1000s of Apps in

Planet Store

Pair with Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Be like a PRO with your existing bluetooth keyboard and mouse


The stylish hinge designed for portability


Temple tips engineered to adapt to your
head size and balance weight


Ultra compact light engine. Engineered for comfortable viewing experience

HD Waveguide Display 2
HD Waveguide Display 1
HD See through optics / eye
26 Degree Diagonal FOV
Experience apps in SIX 60-inch HD (3 meter away) multi-screens


Bigger experiences in small form factor

Onboard Computing
Battery 1
Battery 3
Battery 2
Onboard Computing
Qualcomm® SOC
WiFi & BLE
Voice Assistant
Battery & Charging
Approximately 4 Hrs Battery Life (Normal Usage)
Plug-in with Nimo Case using USB-C for additional battery life
Place Nimo on Nimo Case for charging

Nimo Working Prototype - Standalone

We have technical difficulties to shoot the real display output through the lens using a camera.

Please write to us at for an in-person demo (with social distancing) in San Francisco.

Nimo Planet

$799 + Prescription

Nimo Quasar

$699 + Prescription