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General FAQ's

What is so great about Nimo Planet?

Nimo is specifically designed for work from anywhere securely and effectively. With the consideration of comfort, portability and multi-screen experience.

Does the product video is shot through Nimo's actual prototype?

No. We have shown the product video on the home page for your better understanding of the product and use cases. 90% of the features show on the video are implemented in the Planet OS.

We have technical difficulties to shot the real product output through the lens using a camera. The lights from the actual working glass reflect the light on the camera, which creates a blue halo in the video.

But, most of the features we show on the video are implemented in the Planet OS. Examples like multiple screens, switching between various applications using gestures, six larger multi-screens, etc. Please check out the real working demo shot through Nimo lens here:

Is prescription available?

Yes, We will touch base with you just before the shipment for getting your medical prescription details. You have to pay prescription costs separately.

Would there be a carrying case for Nimo?

Yes, Nimo comes with a beautifully designed frame case with extra battery capacity so you can work without any hindrance.

What are the available sizes?

Nimo offers a one size frame with adjustable hinges, this will help to fit on multiple head sizes comfortably.

What are the color options for Nimo?

Currently Nimo is designed elegantly in Matt Black. We will consider offering more in the coming future.

Is Nimo unisex?

Yes, Anyone looking for a comfortable and portable device to get their work done effectively can use Nimo.

Is Nimo foldable?

Yes, Nimo is completely foldable and as easy to use like a normal spectacle.

Which apps do Nimo support?

At present Nimo supports 1000's of apps in Planet Store. Including the major once like Zoom, Slack, Firefox, Mail apps and more, we tried to cover almost all work related apps for your convenience.

How to charge Nimo?

You can place Nimo on the carrying case and connect the case with USB-C charging adaptor.

How long does the battery of Nimo last?

We are expecting the Nimo battery charge to last around 4 hrs of normal usage while standalone. You can either connect with a laptop or Nimo case for further battery backup. We will update the case battery details in the near future. Further optimisations will help to improve the battery life in the future. We keep innovating in the power optimisation space.

Estimated shipping date?

1.  Beta units will ship in 6 months for selected customers and enterprises.
2.  Limited edition Nimo Quasar will ship by Q2 2021 - For those who reserved with $349.
3.  For $29 reservations, Nimo will ship by Q3 2021.

We will keep you updated if any delays are going to happen because of the COVID-19 situation.

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Shopify Pay and Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship globally. You can refer the reservation page for available options for each reservation category.

How do I change my shipping address?

Any time before the shipping intimation you can contact us through , our support team will get to you.

Additional charges?

1. You have to pay prescription lens cost separately before the shipment.
2. You have to pay shipping charge.
3. Applicable Tax will be payable

What is your cancellation / refund policy?

You can request for a refund any time 1 month prior to the shipment intimation through We will refund the paid amount after deducting the payment gateway charges.